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We are a benefit company, with B Corp certification

Our mission on sustainability

We renew our commitment every day to be a sustainable company as a B Corp certification proves. Therefore, in addition to pursuing economic goals, we aim to work in favor of environmental protection and the reduction of animal suffering;

We are committed to minimizing the consumption of goods and services that generate non-recyclable waste or consume non-renewable resources;

We want to have a positive social impact by promoting a more aware, decentralized and virtuous use of technology, online communication and the web in general;

We offer to address our services and specialist skills preferably to initiatives and companies oriented towards ecological transition and sustainability;

We cultivate for our collaborators a healthy working environment oriented towards wellbeing and a balanced work-life;

We also propose to support, with donations and pro bono activities, projects in the field of health, well-being and in support of disadvantaged categories.